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Eco-Friendly Wooden Kitchen Utensils (No Plastic Waste)

This cutlery set will be your perfect cooking companion. You will surely fall in love with these fancy wooden utensil set.

Add some extra flair to your dinner table with these Thailain-style kitchen utensils. Its premium teak wood texture gives it an elegant touch. Not only that, but you can also considerably reduce the carbon footprint as it consists of natural materials. Unlike those aluminum or silicone kitchenware, it would not exhibit any kind of reaction even at very high temperatures. Its long wooden handle acts as an insulator and protects your hand from getting burnt. This cutlery set is easy to clean. Must-have cutlery set for your kitchen!


- ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: These utensils are made of natural wood materials and entirely safe for use. They are completely disposable after their service life.

- NO UNWANTED REACTIONS: The cheap utensils might leach or melt at a very high temperature- this won't happen with these wooden utensils. In the case of high-temperature cooking, you can blindly rely on them.

- AMAZING TEXTURE: The cutlery set will complement your dishes and make cooking convenient than ever. The natural wood grain texture really looks impressive.

- HEAT RETENTION CAPACITY: No more worries about getting your hands burnt! Its long handle will prevent your hands from scalding and limit exposure to hot cooking fumes.

- CONVENIENT CLEANING: Just rinse with soapy water after each batch of cooking, and they will be as good as new.


  • Material: Wooden
  • Certification: CE/ EU

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Eco-Friendly Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set (4/7 Pieces)