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Super Absorbent Fluffy Hand Towel

Dry out your wet hands properly after doing washing chores! The comfy, quick-absorbent towel feels great against your skin.

Taking good care of your hands is quite essential, especially in this pandemic situation where you have to wash your hands several times a day. The wet surface is an optimal breeding media for bacterial growth. This absorbent towel will soak up the water from your hands very quickly. Rubbing your hands on Chenille fabric feels excellent, and it doesn't have any harsh after-effects like those traditional towels. It provides ultra-comfort to the user. Its mounting arrangement allows you to hang it anywhere and facilitates drying. It dries out very quickly and can consume a considerable amount of water. Its fluffy design also looks great beside your sink or basin.


- BETTER ABSORPTION: It has a vast water absorption capacity. It will soak up every drop of water from your hands with just one or two rubs.

- QUICK DRYING NATURE: It dries out quickly in natural air circulation. It has a mounting facility that accelerates the drying process.

- FEELS GREAT: Fabric type is the most crucial feature of a towel. The Chenille fabric takes great care of your delicate skin.

- MAINTAIN PROPER HYGIENE: The friction of drying reduces the germ count. It prevents unwanted bacterial growth and bad odor.

- FASHIONABLE DESIGN: Anyone will surely adore its fluffy texture. It will look great in your kitchen or bathroom.


  • Material: Chenille
  • Item Weight: 90g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Super Absorbent Fluffy Hand Towel